Frequently Asked Questions


What is a clothing Exchange?

An opportunity for women to swap for the most stylish gently used garments on the sustainable market!
Upgrade your wardrobe in 3 easy steps:
1. Submit the online survey to our professional stylists.
2. Clean out your closet and place in a USPS medium flat rate shipping box with provided shipping label.
3. We ship to your front door a new, custom picked wardrobe.

What type of garments should I send?

Use your inner fashionista and ask yourself if it’s cute? If it is, we’ll take it!

We accept:
-Gently used items
-High quality garments in any brand
- Designer and vintage pieces
-Sizes 0-22
-Shoes and boots

We do not accept:
-Yoga pants and athletic gear
-Dirty or torn garments (Unless it is intentionally part of the design)

What is considered an even exchange?

Even exchange does not mean you must exchange a shirt for a shirt or a necklace for a necklace. This is an opportunity to update your wardrobe as you see fit. You ship us a box of gently used goods and we send you a custom built wardrobe.  Working with your stylist through the stylist survey allows us to help you create a new wardrobe.

How do I exchange?

The exchange is done in a few easy steps.
1. Fill out customer survey.
2. When you complete your order, a confirmation email will be sent with your shipping label.                                     3. Print your shipping label.
4. Go to the post office and get a medium flat rate shipping box.  They’re FREE!!
5. Fill the box with clothes you want to swap, place the label on it, and send with your outgoing mail.
6. While our clothes are on their way to our store, our stylist picks out your new clothes based on your survey.
7. Once your clothes arrive, we refill the box with your new clothes and ship to your front door.

What does the price include?

-All shipping
-A personal stylist that picks all new items for your wardrobe
-There is no membership fee

Why is the exchange done this way?

Upshift’s core philosophy is built upon sustainability. We base all decisions on this. By swapping, clothes are kept out of landfills. Our fixtures and equipment are used. By having you go to your local post office to get the box, you are conserving energy by not having us ship a box to you. We will reuse every box in good condition for as long as we can. All we do is based on what will be best for the earth.